Additional Syllabi Policies and Information

For Business, Mathematics, and Computer Science courses at Bryn Athyn College

Academic Honesty

Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. Review and know the academic misconduct policies in the
student handbook. If plagiarism or cheating is discovered in this class, an automatic F will be awarded for that assignment/test, and may result in an F for the course. Further disciplinary action will be discussed with the Deans of Academic and Student Affairs.

Behavior Policy

Membership in the academic community depends on all members maintaining a positive learning environment in which the behavior of any individual does not disrupt teaching or learning. Disruptive behavior negatively affects the educational experience of others in the class and it is not permitted. Disruptive behavior includes, but is not limited to, arriving late or leaving early, inappropriate use of electronic devices, talking out of turn, insulting others, refusing to follow the instructor's directions, and sleeping or other overt inattentive behavior. Students who engage in disruptive behavior will be given a warning and then dismissed from class if the disruptive behavior continues.

Expected Workload (Credit Modality)

This class uses a lecture format and has 12.5 hours of scheduled classroom time per credit. (37.5 for a 3-credit course, 50 for a 4-credit course) To reach the HOEA mandated total of 37.5 hours per credit, expect to work about two hours outside of the class on preparation and assignments for each hour in the classroom. For a three credit course, this is about 7 hours a week over the 11 week term (including the exam week). For a four credit course, this is about 9 hours a week over the 11 week term (including the exam week).

Office of Disability Resources

Bryn Athyn College is committed to making reasonable academic accommodations for students with physical, psychological, or learning disabilities. Students requesting accommodations must first register with the ODR to verify their eligibility by emailing The ODR will provide eligible students with accommodation verification letters and instructions for implementation. For more information, see

Support Services

(Academic Success Center), located on the second floor of the Swedenborg Library from noon to 8pm, Monday through Thursday, can give you an environment that can make studying and concentration easier, but those on hand may not have experience with your specific discipline of study. The Math Center is a part of the ASC program with tutoring on a walk-in basis, primarily for mathematics and quantitative applications (like science and economics) at the 100-level. If you feel you need more individual attention, the college may be able to help you find and subsidize a personal tutor. For more information about ASC supported study hours, support centers, or peer tutoring, please contact the Director of the ASC program through the college website or email

COVID response

Regarding Bryn Athyn College's COVID response, please be aware that the pandemic is ongoing and that the College may respond to developments and/or advice from local and state authorities. Please check your BAC email account regularly and consult the College's website for up-to-date information on any COVID-related policies or procedures.